Jennifer Baumeister studied Fine Arts in Berlin, Germany and Philadelphia, USA and is currently living and working in Ireland.

She opened the JB Gallery in 2015 first as an open studio and gallery in Skibbereen, West Cork, Ireland and since 2017 solely as an online gallery.

Depending on the work theme and the intended outcome she works with various media such as painting, drawing, sculpture, etching, lino cut, video, installation or photography. She tries to offer the viewer an entry or insight into topics and situations he might not know about or didn't have a closer look at before by providing a basic statement, yet leaving enough space to draw own conclusions or experience personal emotions.

Apart from her visual Artwork Jennifer Baumeister creates silver Jewellery.

All her pieces are hand-crafted, unique and individual.

For more info look at: or the JB Gallery Skibbereen on Facebook.